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Welcome to RTSI-Souvenirs.com! Your search for souvenirs is now complete. Here you will find the coolest souvenirs featuring images and designs for Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Route 66, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & other destinations.

Of course we carry the staples, coffee mugs, shot glasses & keychains, but we wanted to push the souvenir envelope a little farther. A coffee mug was not enough for us. We wanted options for our customers, so we went a little over board…we knew you would appreciate a variety of mug shapes, colors and finishes, so we have them all. Embossed, matte, glossy, all-over print just to name a few. We did similarly for our keychains. First, we did the research. What do people like in their keychains? Should it be metal? Should it be plastic? Should it have a cool shape? Should we have cool images featured on the keychain? What about funny sayings? What about charms? After years and years of research, case studies, focus groups & consult with our magic 8-ball, the answer was clear. Do. Them. All! So, we did.

We couldn’t stop there though. We next sought to redefine what souvenirs are. Need a “Las Vegas” back massager? OK! How about a blinged-out selfie-stick? You got it! What’s that? You want a Lake Tahoe Mug with a bear wearing a red bow with “Mama Bear” printed on the side? Well all right! We have that covered too! You want a Reno Toilet Seat?! Uh, hold on a minute. We have to draw a line somewhere. You might be crazier than us. Maybe you should apply to work here. The point is we are constantly developing new souvenir items, so check back often for the new stuff.

While we love to make a sale, we love more when people vacation in the cities we promote. Plan a soon visit and know we’re here in case you forget a souvenir or two for your family or friends. Thank you for visiting today!