Dad is all tied out. No more ties.

Dad is all tied out.

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Dad is all tied out. No more ties.

The Happy Traveler took to social media and asked a group of fathers between the ages 30-50, how they felt about their Father’s Day gifts from previous years.  They didn’t want to sound unappreciative but to my readers… Dad is all tied out. No more ties this year! Fathers are saying they no longer want the traditional gifts, mostly because they are considered cliche and would like more thought put into what interests them.

One father is a professional chef and his interests would be anything associated with food preparation and a good meal. I’m sure he has all the tools to cook, so why not get him something fun from our Kitchen & Home search?!  And with a good meal, comes a great beverage whether it be wine, beer or a cool fruit blended drink. Barware includes shot glasses, bottle openers, flasks, and glassware.  Dad will definitely know you were thinking of his specific tastes.

For dads that are sports fans, we got that taken care of too.  Scroll through the Novelty items section and you will see golf balls, baseballs, sports bottles to sports cups.  Dad will know that you’ve put some thought into his interests and can appreciate Father’s Day on a whole new level.

Men’s ties are nice and traditional gifts but a majority of fathers said they could count, on one hand, how many times they have to wear a suit and tie.  These dads are laid back, family guys who enjoy an afternoon playing golf, lighting up the backyard grill while drinking a few beers or taking a couple of shots with the fellas.  Remember it’s his day!  So take it from some dads who say, “no more ties”.


Dad is all tied up.

We appreciate everything you do for us!….Happy Father’s Day!  Relax, chill, ring the bell and wait to be served. It’s your day!


Until we travel again… Happy Times!

~The Happy Traveler 🙂