It’s Fiesta Time! And We Have Some Party Ideas On Cinco De Mayo.

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It’s Fiesta Time!!   Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Chips, salsa, tequila, music, tequila, dancing, tequila, festivals and oh did we mention tequila??

Known as the Mexican St. Patrick’s Day in the United States, we all know that there are festivities, food, drinks and good times to be had.  Friends to meet up after work and places to hop around…and maybe some Uber or Lyfts waiting for that call (because our readers are all responsible 😉 )

But!  What do you really know about this day?? Ask most people and they will say: “Isn’t that Mexican Independence Day?” I’m sure you have heard that answer.  It is actually about “The Battle of Puebla.” The French armies were rolling through Mexico and defeating their armies until they came to Puebla. The smaller army valiantly and unexpectedly defeated the French army. The euphoria (big word for the Gurus) of that big day is always remembered and celebrated on May 5th.

Now that you have enjoyed the history behind this festive day, here are a few ideas to get your party started:
Purchase a bottle of tequila (or whatever your pleasure is, but come on. It’s Cinco de Mayo….a tequila would be in order)

  • cool large flasks that hold plenty of tequila
  • signature shot glasses
  • party cups with neck straps…hands-free
  • bottle coolers to hold those coronas
  • ice bucket for that fiesta
  • bottle openers attached to keychains (convenience is everything)

You should be able to figure out the rest.

Repeat as often as necessary to get to your desired level of “fun.”

Our corona start-up kit is perfect for the occasion.  Feel free to view it before you get your party started.…/corona-starter-kit/

We are 100% almost sure you will find this information useful.


Enjoy, have fun and always be safe!


Until we travel again…Happy Times!

The Happy Traveler 🙂