School time. What’s better than giving an apple?

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Back to school.  What’s better than giving an apple?


What’s better than giving an apple?  A souvenir!  Yes, a souvenir that you bought while on vacation or a place where you know your student’s teacher would love to visit or has already been.  Souvenirs are great memory reminders of the good times people have experienced while on vacation or in between travel destinations.

The first item that comes to mind is lanyards and keychains.  Teachers have keys (some several) to open up their classrooms and this would be a gift that a teacher would probably use every day. There are bling lanyards, keychain lanyards, wrist lanyards and unisex lanyards. We carry over 20 different lanyard styles, so you have many to choose from.

I’ve never given a teacher an apple as a gift during the first week of school.  But since about 1700-1900 this tradition started and has been passed down as a thoughtful gesture to give your teacher (usually in elementary school though).  Not sure who’s still doing it anymore but teachers wouldn’t mind receiving gifts, I’m sure.  You might even be the apple of his or her eye for the school year if you give the right gift. I’m not saying your grade will be any better but it starts the year off right and also lets teachers know they are appreciated for all their hard work. Just think about all the papers they will have to grade, the extra late nights they will suffer from planning fun and exciting lesson plans and the bad jokes they tell that NO student gets. LOL



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Maybe, just maybe your student’s teacher is an avid traveler and enjoys wines (maybe through a parent-to-teacher conversation)?  A wine stopper would be appropriate from a parent.  Because you do realize the students will most likely drive the teachers nuts and he or she is going to need a stopper to keep that bottle of wine fresh.

Back to school

Glitter Red Wine Stopper


RTSI could write all day how many souvenirs would make great gifts for teachers but we’d rather show you than tell you.  Go ahead and visit our site Reno-Tahoe Specialty, Inc and have some fun scrolling through our items.  Once you see the lanyards and keychains, move that mouse over to mugs, calendars, socks and bells.  You’ll be glad you did!

Until we travel again… Happy Times!

~The Happy Traveler 🙂