Spring Break Isn’t Solely For Kids. Parents Are Going Places Alone.

The Happy Traveler and Spring Break

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Spring break isn’t solely for kids.


Spring break for a majority of cities began after school on Friday, April 7.  Every minute and second counts.  Once that bell rang, it’s spring break, for the teachers, students and parents.  So technically, if you think about it, there’s a good nine (9) days you can stretch out of the typical 5-day break.  Every day counts!

The Happy Traveler asked some local Las Vegas parents what their plans were for spring break.  Some answers were typical, creative, funny and amusing.  I think the responses varied according to a parent being single/married, having family or friend support and actually having time off from work to enjoy.

Our first parents, gave themselves the hashtag of #GreatTimesAhead.  These parents are opting in self-indulged vacations without their kids.  This sounds like adult road trips, spa treatments and 4-day stay-cations…and rightfully deserved.  Parents need time to rejuvenate themselves as well as the children.  Let’s be honest, our kids are probably hiding their joy of not hearing parental nagging for about 7-9 days.  Sorry parents, we can drive kids crazy too!

Now for the typical spring breakers, and we mean families who take those fun road trips to either warmer climates with beaches or luxury cruises, over half have plans of a 3-day Disneyland and Lego Land trip to Southern California.  But if you’re like many parents, it sucks, we still have to punch that clock!  It’s called work with no available PTO.  Oh well!  There’s still some local fun ideas, one just has to be creative.  Spring break fun can be accomplished in any city.  Here’s 5 ideas some parents suggested:

  • Check out your locals parks
  • Libraries are great for events
  • Movies/Drive Ins (if weather permits)
  • Indoor fun (bowling, laser tag, museums, etc.)
  • The Happy Traveler’s recommendation – Hot Air Balloon rides #BucketList

And lastly, you can always drop the kids off with local community recreation clubs that sponsor day camps and simply go back home and get some needed R&R.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little rest and relaxation.


Whatever you do…enjoy every single day!  Until we travel again…Happy Times!

The Happy Traveler 🙂